What do you want most from a blog?
A place to express my writing.
A place where I can be noticed.
A place where I can express my creativity.
A place where I can socialize.

Posted 2/13/2014
I already spoke to a few of you guys in private. While I'm the happiest I've been in my life I'm also dealing with a lot of personal hardships which won't go away anytime soon. And, I need to start focusing on the site more. To do this I'll be doing smaller but more fun updates. So for 2014 the goal will be to only to add features you guys want and fixing up some areas that need to be improved. Such as the broken group pages.

For blogs so far this is what I've heard are the biggest requests:
1) Embed YT vids.
2) Queues.
3) Move the post box. (Thinking either floating like tumblr or drop down like FB)
4) More layout options. (Rethinking blog layouts atm)

Post anything else you want below. I'll have a very small update out by Sunday going into Monday. I'm trying to get more into the site again little by little since I do love you guys and working on the site. And feel free to answer the poll to help me get an idea of what you want from a blog.

Posted 2/13/2014
Also the anonymous comments. :) Oh, and Ebel suggested having the possibility of pages in one blog post.

Posted 2/13/2014
I'm debating on pages. Thinking of using tags instead. Where you can add tag links to the side and click to view only posts with certain tags. It'll kinda be like paging.

And yes anonymous comments.

Posted 2/13/2014
I don't understand the tags thing. How will we have a continuous blog post with tags? 

Posted 2/13/2014
On the left you setup a "tag link" so if you have a tag called... "Naruto" you can add a link to it on the sidebar. When a user clicks it they will only see your posts with the tag "Naruto" in it. Sorta a way to help organize your blog a bit.

Still just an idea at the moment though.

Posted 2/14/2014

Posted 2/14/2014
Notification is what I really want from the blog system like being able to know when someone comments on your blog would be awesome but I'm sure it will be complex for the webmaster to do since he has to look from the west to east for the code.

Posted 2/15/2014
I would love the system you mentioned about tag division. Having a bunch of random Blogs is like scattered paper so these tags will act as organizers. It is something I look forward to.

By... "TheAwsome"

Posted 2/15/2014
Notifications are planned. As for tags, I'll be doing something with them this weekend. Believe it'll just be tags and a possible YT embed feature. I'm planning to upgrade to TinyMCE 4.0 for blogs in which there are a few YT embed plugins that are fairy easy and powerful. If it goes well it'll replace the auto-embed feature on forums (old posts will work just like before if I do that).
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