Posted 11/09/2013
After around 6 months of trying to resolve prior issues with the last ad provider the site will begin looking for a new provider. At this time the site will be running on ads by medianet, but because at this time medianet is a newer provider and only offers text based ads (expected to change next year) we'll also be looking into advertising with amazon which was a prior ad provider for the site back in the day.

For now please let me know your thoughts on the text ads. I'll be working to get the layout to match the site as well as not being overly visible. My personal philosophy with advertising is to make it visible to those who are interested but not distract you when using the site. I feel that amazon may be an idea provider in the coming days as we'll be able to link directly to anime products to support the industry. 
 We'll try a mix of different ad formats for now to see what works best.

Permanently remove poll and all votes forever.
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