Posted 8/21/2013
The expansion pack for Diablo III was revealed today by Blizzard. I remember when Diablo III first came out and I was real excited for it because of all of the great memories of playing D2 with friends. It was a really fun game at first but once you reached end game it became a huge flop. 

The game set the record for the fastest selling PC game at launch with over 3 million sales within 24 hours. However, I'm curious to see how well the expansion does now that most of the fans have moved on or given up on Blizzard all together. What are your thoughts?

Posted 8/21/2013
There is also a gameplay trailer. So far it's only showing a new act, new level cap, and a single new class. Compared to Lord of Destruction it is a much smaller update as there is only 1 new class (at least at this time).

Posted 8/21/2013
This looks awsome! I wouldn't mind plating maybe. I never played Diablo before so maybe. Got to say the story looks interesting.

By... "TheAwsome"

Posted 8/22/2013
Blizzard has some fantastic visuals when it comes to CG. As for the story? They got ridiculed pretty bad over it since it was lack luster and extremely predictable. When asked about the plot Blizzard even said the focus was always on game play and while they feel the plot was great themselves they felt your focus should be on grinding monsters.

Overall it's not a bad game. I'm just biased against it like a lot of fans because we were comparing it to Diablo II which has become a legacy in the gaming industry.
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