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Great! At this point you should already have your own validated user account! The next step is to start customizing your account. When you first validate your account you should be redirected to the User Settings page. If not simply click User Settings at the top of the page when you login. You will then be provided with several options.

The account tab allows you to change all information you entered when originally creating your account. To change your account informatoin click "Change Information." Only enter the new information you want to change! If you need help with these fields review the signup section for detailed help. Remember! Changing this information may require you to revalidate your account!

Under the profile tab you will be given several fields to complete. All of these fields are optional.

About Me
This field is used to provide a brief description about yourself. Remember to not give our any personal information since this information is viewable by all site visitors. This field only accepts plain text. Please remember the Terms of service and do not spam this section!

My Interests
Enter your favorite interests into this field (e.g. anime, video games, manga, sports, music, writing). Remember the following guidelines for interest:

Rules for interest
1) No more than 30 characters per interest.
2) Interest cannot exceed more than 3 words.
3) Do not use "and" for the last interest (e.g. anime, video games, manga, and writing).
4) Certain unicode characters may be counted as more than 1 character.

Correct Example
- Anime, Manga, Video Games, Internet
Incorrect Example
- I enjoy anime, manga, video games, and the internet.

You may select your own personal avatar that will be shown across the site. The avatar must be a .jpg format and must be 75x75 pixels. Your avatar cannot exceed 100kb and must be appropriate for all ages.

You cannot upload an image with the same name twice in a row. If you changed your image to meet the requirements simply click "Choose File" then cancel. You should see "No file choosen" and then you may choose your image file again.