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Navigating OtakuElite can be a little confusing at first, but you’ll find the site very user friendly in no time at all!

When navigating you’ll find all of the main links are at the very top of the page. These links include the database, forums, video page, and IRC chat page. When you login you’ll also see "Add Entry" and "User Settings." When you click on a page you will often be given a list of additional sub links. These are listed at tabs at the top of the page. You’ll get familiar with each of these links the more you use the site. For now we’ll focus on the common tasks within the site.

In this section
Database Search
Search anime, characters, and other information directly from OtakuElite's database.
Database Submissions
Submit new information into OtakuElite's database.
Personal Checklists
Manage your personal checklists and ratings.
Browsing the site forums and submitting/editing posts.
Mobile Options
General information on OtakuElite's mobile features.
Site Features
Leave the help section to explore OtakuElite's additional site features.