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When browsing anime you may choose to add entries to your personal checklist. The checklist feature will be located on the right side of the page. When adding an anime to your list you will be asked the following.

Select if you’re seen all, some, or none of the anime.

Depending on if you’ve seen all, some, or none of the anime you will be asked if you would like to rewatch, finish, or watch the series. If you have not seen the anime there will be no other options after this.

You will be asked how you saw the series. This could be a raw video, subbed, fandub, dubbed, or fansub. Your selections will not be shared with anyone and will only be used for stats only. You may choose to leave this area blank.

Viewing Methods
Like before these selections are optional. You may choose to answer if you wish and the information will be kept private and only used for overall stats. The purpose of this information is for us to understand how people are watching anime.

After you have answered the required questions you may submit the anime to your checklist. The checklist may be viewed anytime by viewing your profile. To view your checklist just click on your username at the very top of the page. If you are using the mobile site your checklist is seen at the bottom of the page.

Personal Score
After you have selected that you’ve seen all or some of the series you will see a new section on the far right of the screen for My Score Card. If you are using the mobile site this section is included with the Checklist questions. On the non-mobile site click on the box with the scores listed to edit them. There are 5 scoring criteria. Each of the criteria get a score from 0-100. On the non-mobile site a -1 is the same as not rating those criteria.

Without taking anything into consideration just rate how much you enjoyed the series overall. Do not worry if the series had horrible animation or poor dialog. If you still loved the series in all of its raunchiness then go ahead and give it a high enjoyment score.

Rate how you felt about the overall animation. Was it original? Did they have too many still cels throughout the production? Did you actually see any fighting or was it several sword swipes and nothing else? Did it feel like you were looking at a picture book or was it a masterpiece? There are no set criteria for providing a score. Just use your best judgment!

Characters include things such as character development, personality, and overall feel of the characters in the series. There are certain questions you should ask to yourself when scoring characters. Did the characters have any dimension? Did I find myself relating to the characters? Was there any story or personalization for the characters? Was there effort put into character design or were all of the characters the same except for hair color?

Did the title have a unique and high quality soundtrack? Was the opening and ending theme songs enjoyable? What about the settle sound effects? Did each character have a theme? Was the music annoying at anytime or did it seem to match the mood of the anime?

The storyline is very important to every anime. Did the storyline make sense at all? Where there any loose ends at the end of the series? Where those loose ends on purpose? Do you feel complete after watching the anime? Do you want more? Did every episode leaving you wanting more or did you want to take a break every so often before finishing the series? Was there any dimension to the plot? Was it overly cliché?

When scoring a series it can be difficult to come up with a rating. Some people will tend to rate all series high overall while others will rate series low overall. Just rate series how you feel they are overall. Eventually when more ratings are added different algorithms will be used to increase the accuracy of these results.

For now rate titles how you feel they should be. It is expected that most of your overall scores will be 60 or higher. Remember your scores are based on an A-F scale. Try to rate each series as an individual. If a series if 59 or below it means that the production was a failure overall. The bar is set to start at 50 and go up to 100. Anything below 50 will be shown as a gray bar.

Note when viewing your score on the mobile site, your score is shown as green bar. Also note that on the non-mobile site that scores are shown as 0 through 10. Just multiple your score by 10 to see what you rated it by.