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There are several search methods for the database. You can search anime, characters, or general site web search. On the default search page there will be several options at the top of the page for "Characters" and "Site Search." The character database does not offer a search method at this time and can only be browed. Site search is similar to any search engine search. Simply type what you’re looking for in the search box and click search. However searching for anime there are several additional search features:

Above the search box there are several links to perform an alphabetical search. Simply click on one of the links to browse by the first letter. Remember if an anime you’re looking for starts with The or A you may need to search by the second word (e.g. Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, The).

Anime type filters
Basic search allows you to filter which type of anime you want to have returned. Your options are Series, Movies, or Original Animated Videos (OAVs). Clicking on these boxes will help narrow your result down significantly.

You can sort your results by several options. These include, but are not limited to, Title Name, Score, Total Views, and Date. Results are always ascending.

View Types
You can help narrow your search using either Details View or List View.

Details View
Details view is the default and shows you a icon image, brief synopsis, format, genres, themes, and ratings. Details view is ideal if you are not sure of the name of the series you’re looking for or if you’re casually browsing different titles.

List View
List view does not provide an icon image or synopsis for entries. Instead it provides more results per page and provides the format, year, views, scores, and amount of scores.

Advance Search
Advance search gives you far more power when narrowing down series. There are several filters you can select from.

Select which genres you want to be shown within the results. Remember that every genre you select must be present for the entry to appear. If you do not get a result try reducing the amount of genres you’re looking for.

Just like genres you can also search by themes. Again every theme must be present in the entry for it to appear in the result. Themes also have a quick search box to help you find the theme you’re looking for.

Minimum Score
You can reduce your entries by selecting a minimum score based on the 5 scoring criteria as well as the overall score. (Note: A = 9, B = 8, C = 7, D = 6)

At times you want to look for a specific content rating. Either if you’re only looking of children’s anime or adult anime. You can exclude results with specific content as well. If you are looking for results with full nudity you will need to select Mature-Adult as the maximum content rating. Mature-Adult series will not appear by default.

At this time you can also search by the audience type. Which includes Kodomo, Shōjo, Shōnen, Josei, and Seinen. Due to the confusion of trying to label series this feature will likely be replaced or removed in the future and instead be based on the age groups which found the series to be most and least enjoyable.

If you’re browsing a series by the amount of episodes you can select the minimum and maximum episodes you’re looking for. This is great if you’re looking for a short anime series to watch. Please note that movies are counted as one episode. If you choose more than 1 episode movies will not be shown in the results.

Original Run
Original Run allows you to search by the year the anime was first released. This helps if you’re only looking for modern anime or trying to look up a classic series or movie.

Applying and resetting filters
By selecting apply all filters will be applied to the results. Resetting removes all advance search features and performs a basic search. Also if you select "Basic Search" all search filters are also removed.

RSS Feeds
RSS Feeds are available for all basic searches. At the bottom of the page simply click the RSS Feed button to get your custom feed!

Non-JavaScript Users
OtakuElite is designed for JavaScript but does offer some support for Non-JavaScript users. Non-JavaScript users may navigate to the next page of results using the « and » paging links. These links are designed to help search engines crawl the site but also are very useful if you do not have JavaScript enabled.

The downside is that you will not be able to use any filters and it will take some time to search. If you are familiar with HTML you may alter the URL query string. The following query string values are accepted.

q (Query)
The basic search query used for filtering results.

pg (Page)
What page of results you want to go to. Anything out of range will default to page 1.

v (View)
Select the view you want to see. The only two accepted values are "detail" and "list."

Please note that additional search filters will be offered in the future. Be sure to check the advance search features every so often for new filters.