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Creating an account is simple. Just click on "Signup" at the top right of the screen then enter the following information:

Your username must be 3-25 alphanumeric characters. Usernames may contain non-consecutive dashes, underscores, and spaces within the username.

Correct Examples
- OtakuElite
- Otaku Elite
- Otaku-Elite123

Incorrect Examples
- OtakuElite!
- Otaku--Elite
- OtakuElite Online User Account

Your password must be 8-15 alphanumeric characters and no spaces, dashes, or underscores. You should try to make a password that is easy to remember but cannot be guessed. Do not use any personal information as your password and never give out your password! We will never ask for your password!

Correct Examples
- Magic8Ball
- RedCarDoor
- 10041995

Incorrect Examples
- 123-45-6789
- Red Ball
- ThisIsMyPassword

Your email can be up to 60 characters in format. Emails can only contain alphanumeric values, peroids, and dashes.

Other Rules
- Domain name may not have consecutive peroids.
- Only one @ may be used.
- Underscores, percents, and plus signs are supported in specific positions.
- Unicode characters, such as รค, are not valid.

Please note, while RFC5321 supports additional characters these characters are excluded to ensure accuracy and limit malicious attacks and spam. As well the public suffix is limited to 2-4 characters. If your email does not meet these requirements you may contact us so we may register your account for you.

After you have entered the correct information and reviewed the terms of service you may click submit. After clicking submit you will receive an email. If you do not receive an email, simply login using the username and password you just created and clicked "validate" and a new email will be sent to you.

Once you receive your email click the validation link and you will be asked to enter your date of birth and you may optionally choose to provide your gender as well. After that simply enter the two words in the captcha box and click submit. You are now ready to get started with account settings!

Note: If you accidently use the wrong email address you may login with your new username and password and click account settings to change your email. As well if you login with an incorrect password you will be prompted with the "help" option which will send you a link to your email to create a new password. If you still have problems contact us using the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page.