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Psychology of Sasuke

Wish I knew who the artist is.

Sasuke’s become a powerful ninja with a heart of stone, hasn’t he? Some of us still liked him when he was with Orochimaru, because we still saw a little bit of Konoha in him those times he wouldn’t finish off his opponents in training, and that time he killed Orochimaru after having gained the power he needed, before that monster could use him. Yes, perhaps  he was a little annoying with his ‘emo’ complex, but it was tolerable. Once Sasuke finished Orochimaru, he suddenly became ruthless, and that will of fire  that had remained in him burned out from the darkness within which he chose to cage himself, and at that point we couldn’t recognize him anymore, so we hated Sasuke. His being was just too ugly to look at, and too annoying to bear anymore.

When I look at Sasuke, I see a little boy— that little boy who lived a happy childhood and enjoyed the company of his talented older brother, whom he strived to be like. All his life he’s been protected by Itachi: Itachi’s made sure Sasuke took the right steps into achieving his full potential in time, with time. Plus, there were things Itachi never wanted Sasuke to know (like the true reason he wiped out their clan). Hence, some things were always kept secret from him, so he never saw reality for what it truly is. For the most part, Itachi had constructed most of Sasuke’s reality for him. So, since Madara came along and flipped everything, he’s lost; he has no real nindo   despite the fact he thinks he knows what he’s doing. Sasuke’s lost because at first he wanted to avenge his clan by murdering his brother. Now, he wants to destroy Konoha for making him  kill his brother (that was his own decision), because he thought Itachi’s actions were his own, when in fact he was used by the village.  The result is a naive young man wrapped up in credulity whose superiority complex leaves him thinking he’s in control of everything.

But, hey sasuke, I get you; I can empathize. As the youngest of my siblings, I’ve been “protected” all of my childhood too. You’re not so tough though— you’re a sensitive muchachaaa. After all the pain you’ve been through, and you’re strong willingness to regain what you’ve lost, you’re living under a shell you’ve constructed from steel, which you call “The Darkness”.  And maybe you do have a nindo after all, but let’s not call it a ninja way, because restoring your clan is an act of Love that doesn’t require battling any other shinobi; it has to do with dealing with some tough inner demons, forgiving those who hurt you, and accepting what has happened. You’re naive; a reflection of childhood innocence, because your loving older brother put you under his wings for too long, even after his death. So, your childhood is what you are, because it’s all you know. Who could blame you for that? And maybe that’s the point of your character anyway. You’re that adult that’s had everything handed down to them, or that person who never learns from past experiences and repeats the same mistakes, or that someone who puts the weight of their past negative experiences on another, and they severe that bond because they’ve been hurt in the past sort of like what you’re doing with Naruto.

Well, while the whole ninja world couldn’t care less about whether Sasuke were to die, at least there’s one person who understands him: Naruto. Old team 7 wouldn’t mind welcoming him back with open arms.  People like Sasuke need a friend like Naruto who can open their eyes and hearts. They need a friend who will grab them by the hand and lead them out of that shell of theirs.

 Little Sasuke's so cuuute.


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