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china Softgel manufacturers
Product Description EPO  softgel Size 20#Oblong Filling weight 1050mg±7.5%
Shelf Life 3 Years Color Clear Total weight 1400mg±10%
No. Ingredients Quantity Active Excipient Test method
1 Epo  , mg 1050mg       
Provide GLA NLT10% √     
2 Gelatin, mg 240mg±7.5%   √ GB6783
3 Glycerin, mg 120mg±7.5%   √ GB29950
4 Pure water, mg 40mg±7.5%   √ CHP2015
Physical & Chemical Standard
Items Specification Test method
Disintegration, min NMT 30 CHP 2015
Acid value,mgKOH/g NMT3.0 GB/T5530
Peroxide,meq/kg NMT10 GB/T5538
Microorganism Standard
Total bacterial count, cfu/g NMT 1000 GB 4789.2
Coliform, MPN/g NMT 0.92 GB 4789.38
Mold and Yeast, cfu/g NMT 100  GB 4789.15
Salmonella Negative/25g GB 4789.4
Staphylococcus aureus Negative/25g  GB 4789.10
Heavy Metal Standard
Lead, mg/kg NMT 0.1 GB 5009.12
Arsenic, mg/kg NMT 0.1 GB 5009.11
Mercury, mg/kg NMT 0.1 GB 5009.17
Cadmium, mg/kg NMT 0.1 GB 5009.15
Package and Storage
Bulk Package,5000pcs per plastic bag, the carton size: 40cm*25cm*20cm.
Keep in cool, dry, light proof place, the temperature is from 16℃ to 30℃, the humidity: below 70%
Weihai Baihe Biology Technological Co.,Lrd was founded in 1996 with 8 GMP workshops
and over 1100 staff members. The company has passed GMP,HACCP,ISO  
9001,ISO14001,US FDA registrations.
1.Extensive experiences in producing dietary supplements and export: Weihai Baihe
Biology Technological Co., Ltd was founded in 1996 started to produce soft gels, and the  
first soft gel was exported in 2004.
2. Huge production capacity:  the annual production capacity of softgel is 6 million, the  
tablets is 2 billions, the hard capsules is 1.5 billion, the pills is 1billion.
3. Abundant product dosage form: Contain softgel,hard capsule, tablet, pill, powder, oral  
liquid, Cosmetic, essence, Plant extract etc.
4. Advanced testing and R&D equipments: All testing equipments are all from US Agilent  
Technologies Inc, including GC, HPLC, GEM Microwave Digestion System, Atomic  
Fluorescence Spectrometer, etc.
5. Fast commodity inspection time from CIQ: within 2 days can we finish the commodity  
6. the products are exported to nearly 50 countries and regions.
7. Complete Register-files for more than 10 countries including Nigeria, Cambodia,  
Pakistan, etc.
8. More than 1200 kinds of product formulas including grease products, suspended  
products etc.
9. Varieties of packaging services: such as boxing packaging, bottling packaging, tin can  
packaging, blister packaging, aluminum foil bag packaging, etc

Production capacity
softge                 6 billion           15 sets workshop
capsule             15 billion           4  sets workshop
tablet                 20 billion           6  sets workshop

Our team
A person no team spirit can be difficult to become a major event, an enterprise if there is no team spirit will become a mess, a nation if there is no team spirit will also be difficult to grow.
Dosage Availble
In the past 20 years, Weihai Baihe has manufactured over 2000 kinds of products. With over 700 sets of molds, the Company can manufacture various shapes and specifications of softgel , hard capsule, tablet, oral liquid, granule and cosmetics, etc.. And customized production is available.
The Company owns 30 various imported packaging production lines, offering packaging services including bottling, box packaging, bagging, blistering, and barrel packaging, etc. the daily packaging capacity has exceeded 300,000 bottles.
Test Capacity

Q: You are a trade company or manufacture?
A: We are a manufacture.
Q: What's your factory adress?
A: No.552, Chengda Road Swan Lake Economic-Technical Development Area, Rongcheng City, Shandong, China
Q:What's your process of  placing the orders?
A:(1)We send you product specification for your confirmation;
 (2)We start to manufacture it basing on the confirmed specification;
 (3) We may send the sample from the mass production for testing;
 (4) Despatch the goods after your confirmation.
Q: Can you provide me the sample before an order?
A: Yes
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Weihachina Softgel manufacturers
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