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iam back and with music
Hey there lets geton with the topic shall we? Ok have you guys ever heard of vocaliold? I hope so ok if you don't know here is basicly what it is  computers yeah but i am not giving a bad review becuse i love them. Like now i am listening to hope len kagamine. I like this son even though i don't know  what they are saying but i love them my favorite is len kagamine and my favorite song is world is mine by miku hastunse Tell me  who your favorite is in the commet. bye love ya (A/N sorty for the mistypes i did this at 2:30AM so sorry i will do better!!)
hello everyone i know i said i would blog soon bout the soonest might be monday. Becasuse may mindless behavior show is today and saturday is my goddaughter's b-day and my sunday is my cousin b-day. i am so sorry i was going to blog about a cool anime but i have to get ready for my show.
why i joined
I joined this site because i love anime and this seems like it will be perfect for me.I hope i will have a lot of fun!!! thanks for reading
everyone love ya.(note:i will be bloging about animes soon) 
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