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Me, Myself, and I: Review System
I took some time off of blogging to look at other reviews. Some of them I read were pretty good, others were not so much. I felt bored reading about half of the reviews I read because they didn't persuade me one way or another. Also, some of them feel like they could have gone more in depth than they said in it. Although, i loved reading were funny and witty. If anything, I have learned that I need to be more in depth with the reasons why I hate or love a certain subject.
During the course of my time when I was looking at other people reviews, I decided to develop my own in depth system of questions and other things I should keep aware of for anime. Some of these questions may or may not be similar to the game review system I have set up below this section. Anyway, here are my following criteria (might change later on as I explore more):
Was the story memorable at all?
Did the story try to do anything new plot wise?
Does the story do anything new genre wise?
Was there anything that surprise me about the characters or story?
What is the main conflict of the story or was the story episodic?
Are the characters unique in any way personality or relationship wise?
Is the anime quality available in HD or only in SD?
Was the length of the anime set correctly ex( 12 episodes but should have been at least 24 episodes)?
Is there anything special about the animation like use of colors or special techniques for animations?
Was there anything unique about the sound or music?
Were there any improvements needed for this anime to be better?
What was the areas that didn't need to improve and were perfect for the anime?
Did I feel anything special about this anime not listed above and felt that feeling of desire to watch it again?
Would I recommend this anime to a friend, family, or anyone I meet on the street?
Could I recommend anything I seen to have similar feelings about and compared it to the current anime?
The following is the way I put the numbers together for future reviews to look like (which may changed if need improvement).
1/5 = Bad, so many bad recurring elements keep the anime from being good in all categories (sound, music, characters, story and many more). And a few bad plot points that didn't make sense. I can not recommend this anime at all.
2/5 = Terrible, a few bad things that put it below neutral with recurring elements of the story that happens all the time to not make the anime good.
3/5: Neutral/average, there are many good things and many bad things about the anime. However, there was nothing special that it does to make it interesting for me. 
4/5: Good, something wrong about the length, ending, or a category that falls short but would be recommended to someone base on the genre of anime. Also, needs to improve one bad thing rather it be length or one minor story element or one minor sound/music quality.
5/5:Excellent, so many good recurring elements in the anime with very little bad elements with a decent/excellent ending.  Felt unique story wise, animation wise, sound wise, or something else. I can recommend this anime to just about anyone. 
Examples of 5/5(in no particular order): Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Wolf's Rain, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Ouran High School Host Club, Chu-2 Byou demo Koi ga Shitai!, Code Geas 1-2, Death Note,
Castle in the sky, Spirited Away, Steins Gate, and Ah! My Goddess TV.
There is only one thing I have to keep in mind about myself. I am very basis when it certain genres that either fall into one or two categories:  A) there is a huge amount of that genre or B) the length is so long that I expect the anime to be just as great as the first few episodes. The genre I know though, that I am very basis against is the love comedy genre.
Video Games
Video games on the other hand was more easy to work with when it comes to review systems. The main areas of focus are usually gameplay or story. The other elements such as music and voice acting take a minor role unless something really bugs me about it. The following is the questions I ask myself and think about from now on (might change or not change):
Did it have a good/unique storyline?
Does the conflict in the game made sense or does the conflict sound boring or was there no conflict?
Were there certain items or objects there to only move the story and never talked about again?
How are the characters in the game personality and relationship wise?
Is the game multiplayer or just single player?
Was it a grind-fest game?
Was the game a tactical game?
Did the gameplay feel repetitive to the point to becoming boring?
Is the game real-time, turn-base, or something else  for battles and does it work?
How difficult does the game feel at certain points in the game?
Was it harder to level up during certain points of the game?
Did the music feel pretty standard in most games? like classical/string?
Was there any voice acting at all or was most of the game text?
Was there anything bad about the game that needs improvement?
Were there anything really good about the game that need very little improvement?
Could I recommend the game to anyone else that liked similar genre?
Was it a good value for cash per hour of enjoyment?
Did I feel anything special about the game or is it forgettable to me?
The following is the way I rate video games from now on which may or may not changed:
1/5: Bad, so many bad things about the game relating to gameplay, story, sound, or other that happens all the time. I cannot recommend this game to anyone.
2/5: Terrible, there are a few recurring elements that keep the game from being average or good. Something bad is either in the gameplay or story which keeps it good to begin with.
3/5: Average/neutral, there is nothing good or bad about the game that I say.The game wasn't really that memorable or unqiue in any way for me to remember.
4/5: Good, so many good recurring elements in the gameplay, story, music, and sound. There were just one or two minor elements that keep it from being a 5. One of these might be enjoyment value or story plot point or game mechanic. I can recommend this game to someone who likes the genre a lot.
5/5 Excellent, very excellent elements of gameplay, story, music, and sound. Hardly, any minor bad elements that keep it from being a good game. I can recommend this game to anyone out there. The game felt memorable and unique story wise. Game-play was decent and so was level wise.
Examples of 5/5 games (in no particular order): Grand Theft Auto 5, Fallout 3, Uncharted 2, Demon Souls, Civilization 5, Final Fantasy 10, Final Fantasy Tatics, Persona 3: Fes, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Pokemon White, Pokemon Black, Tales of Symphonia, Assassins Creed 2,  Borderlands 2,  and Witcher 2.
I have many basis opinions in the video game category which is Tales series, Final Fantasy series, Pokemon, Call of Duty series, Battlefield series, and many more. My basis opinions stem from not having a good story or stems from not doing enough to change things in the sequels of certain games.
If you guys have anything you would like to add that I should focus on in the future let me know. And thanks for listening. Follow me on twitter @Albelcasting and please subscribe to me on Otaku
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    That's true TheAwsome; however I will be reviewing mostly JRPG, RPG(s), Adventure, and fighting games. Maybe occasionally mention some strategy games.
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    TheAwsome +1
    I like the questioning you will conducting on your Anime. Perhaps you could add as a question "Is the Anime good for it's genre?" just a thought. Also I would like to see bias material in your posts I think it shows personalty. As for the gaming area I think the questions won't work for every genre. I think you should provide a different set of questions for each genre. Why, well if you question the story of a Free World game it would be silly as it that genre doesn't concern with story much.
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