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Ooh, neat!
So, I've never written a blog before! This is kinda cool. (O__O)
What exactly do I write about? Hmm...Soo.
Sooo we went on a field trip today. It was a blast! But I keep feeling my heart go doki doki when I see this guy I know.. (T.T)
But I don't wanna fall in love just yet! Heeeelp!!
That is probably stupid. "I'm a teen! I should love people!" But I don't wanna love people.. (-.-)"
Hmm. What to do...? I dunno...So lately I've been hooked on two anime: Kuroko no basket, and SOUL EATER.
How did I get hooked on Kuroko no basket? You got me up a gum tree. :P
I've never seen so much sweat in my life! xD
Hm...I quite like this. I shall continue this.
Bye now. ♥
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    Potato-chan +1
    Wow. I didn't think anyone would comment :P I shall subscribe to youuuuuu!>:D
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    complex +1
    Hi! :) Please continue blogging, and hope to see you around often. Don't forget to check out my blog, and if you like what you read, subscribe! Also, check out the forums, the groups, and most of all have fun. <3
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