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Merry Christmas !
 Hello,guys! It's Christmas ! :D
How's your holiday? Anything special? :) Me,not so good but not so bad either. I caught a fever but I can still walk around the house. I didn't go home so I'm just all alone  here at work. My bosses went to their son's house together with the other members of their family to celebrate Christmas. But I'm good. As long as I can continuously read Special A's manga. 
Hahahaha ! Happy holidays To all of you! =D
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    @WestNyorai: May I ask you what is "hanukkah" ? (-_-?) *pardon for my ignorance* @TheAwsome: yeah..i know the feeling. :3 @Ebel: hahaha! Me,too! ^__^ Cooking for other people = Less food for me. xD But I'm not really yet good at cooking. I can only cook simple ones. :)
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    I bought too many games on steam like I always do. Also, I'm required this year to help make Christmas dinner because people think I like to cook. Truthfully, I only like to cook for myself and not other people. Cooking for other people = less food for me.
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    Mine well not so good due to a personal troubles. Certain things should never happen around this time of year but what can you really do. Also it is always chaotic at my house as we do last minute cooking and wrapping. I can't wait for Christmas dinner so I can relax.
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    I just finished rushing around doing last minute shopping. Now to wrap... why did I get such a huge gift? :| My hanukkah gifts are normally way easier since I don't have to fight the crowds as much.
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