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[OPINIONS] Another (anime) {Slight Spoilers}
I read the manga, now I have watched the anime! What do I have to say about it?
This anime contains 12 30-minute episodes. Genres are Horror, School, Mystery, and Thriller. It is a finished series, so no wait-for-the-next-episode irritation!
Kouichi Sakakibara moves in with his grandparents to go to school while his dad is in India. However, the class he joins has a secret he cannot seem to figure out until much, much later. Then there's this weird girl called Mei Misaki who it seems only he can see or hear. What is going on?
Though I already got the story from the manga, I still enjoyed the plot. There are details and moments you do not see in the manga, and there are some missing that WERE in the manga, but it wouldn't be a manga's anime if it wasn't different, neh? Well, novel's anime, but I never read the novel to be honest. So, despite the differences, the plot was fairly similar and still enjoyable!
Ain't it pretty? Though the art is beautiful, it also helps with the creepy atmosphere it emits. After all, pretty things are always the creepiest!
Take dolls for example:
Very well done, in my opinion. Though, I will admit that some of the scenes were a bit confusing.
When Takako is attacking Mei, she gets tangled in some of the clutter that is the shrine's poor condition (of the moment). Note: This is episode 11. However, when she does, I found it confusing on how she got tangled at all.
Where are the cables?
Where are the cables?
Boom. Cables.
{Spoiler: End}
Characters {Spoilers /Maybe/}
They actually put a little more personality into the other people instead of focusing on the main ones! That I liked about this anime. It actually made me like Izumi more than I did in the manga.
Yet, even with these new-found personalities that were not really brought forth in the manga, I felt that it, for the most part, really showed the worst in them.
It's like they were brought in JUST to be crazy, cowardly, or to die.
To Conlude
I still liked it, although there was some confusion. The characters were good, but it just felt like that they put most of them in there just to be X-ed off and give the main characters even more turmoil to go through. Though it is horror, and their situation is pressing and dangerous, it just felt like some of them could have reacted better.
Question for Those Who Read This
Has an anime been too confusing for you? If so, which one and how?
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