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[Random] ...I Have No Words...
That's a lie. I have words. PLENTY OF WORDS. But I shall refrain from wording words that should not be worded for the sake of the grace of wordom.
But at least I still have pictures.
And everyone loves those.
Just look how happy Tomoko is:
So, anywho.
This thing:
Did this thing:
Which basically means:
Right in the middle of typing this thing:
Look at what you're reading.
Though it wasn't THIS post, it was a whole 'nother post that actually had to do with this:
That's right!
*Reads notecards*
Oops, wrong notes.
*Throws out notecards*
But yes, it had to do with anime, and manga, and stuff otaku elites like! Not that there is not an otaku that dislikes politics, but that little quip is called a "joke". You people are smarter than me, so you probably new that already.
You would not believe how long it took me to research the word for that.
But, that is not the point of this post. The point here is that I am frustrated with technology, and I am sorry that upon my (unimportant) arrival, I could not make up for my (unnoticed and totally fine) absence by posting a blog and leaving again for another ten months.
'Cause that is what I, as a procrastinator and a lazy person, do.
So, now that my frustrations are out of the way...
Question for the Readers
What was your most frustrating technological problem?
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