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[Random] Ratio of "To Watch" versus "Have Watched"
It could just be me being a procrastinator, but I have found that my "To Watch" list far surpasses my "Have Watched" list.
Ratio of "Have Watched" to "To Watch" - 33:186
It seems like there is a problem with those numbers. However, looking back to my younger years of watching anime, I always wanted to watch more than I had. With the amount of anime I watch increasing, the amount of anime I want to just increases with it.
This epiphany means that I need to lower the later number and transfer the deductions to the former number. (In English = "I need to watch more to lower the number on my 'To Watch' list").
So, now that you know a little more about me...
Question for the Reader
Does the number of anime you want to watch exceed the number one anime you have watched? If so, by how much?
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