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My Favorite Opening & Ending Themes

I feel like I've been being a bit of a Drama Queen the past two weeks in the sense that I've been posting, what I call, heavy content— there’s been a lot of emotion and opinions poured into my last couple posts, in relating the discussions to reality. I’m a bit drained from it, so today I just want to share something I enjoy very much from the show.

Mondays can be such a drag: you either have to go back to school or work (if you don't like what you're doing). I’m not one to talk (although I wish I were), because the days don’t mean much to me right now: school is out, and I’m jobless. Anyway, I thought, why not share a piece of my happiness with you? Here are my favorite opening and ending themes from Naruto Shippuden. I also provided the full versions of the songs. My favorite has got to be Michi (To You All)-Aluto. I just get the feels when I listen to it— there’s a nostalgic feeling of something my mind can’t really pinpoint. Besides, I always think of Konoha Gakuen Den, which I enjoyed watching very much.

Happy Monday.

Ending 1: Nagareboshi-Shooting Star

Ending 2: Aluto-Michi (To You All)

Full version!

Ending 12: AZU-For You

Full version! (My favorite version)

Opening 4: Inoue Joe-Closer

Full version!

Opening 7: Motohiro Hata-Toumei Datta Sekai

Full version!

Comment below if there’s one you favor, I want to know! 


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