so does anyone have the magestic wonder that is a xbox 360?

Posted 9/03/2013
i am aware that there is a ps3 thread but personally xbox 360 is the better console who agrees ;) ? and tell me why.

i love my xbox because of the range of games, the graphics are awesome and i can get my anime through many different apps.

Posted 9/03/2013
I prefer the PS3. I have had a PS1 as a kid so it sort of stuck to me and has been by my side as it upgraded.

By... "TheAwsome"

Posted 9/04/2013
I vote for PC. 

Posted 9/04/2013
I vote for PC. 
 Sorry Nyo it seems PC gets left out a lot.

By... "TheAwsome"

Posted 9/04/2013
Right now I only like the PS3 better because there are a lot of exclusives that are RPGs and Adventure games on their platform. Of course this doesn't mean that I don't like the Xbox 360. There are certainly a few games on Xbox 360 that I really like such as halo, gears of war, Lost odyssey,  and shadow complex. By the way, I also own a wii but haven't really use it due to very few games I am wiling to play.

Posted 9/05/2013
Either for me. I'm predominately a PC gamer. This isn't for any reason outside the fact I am a major Graphics monger.  
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