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        Well, any of you like to RP? Like, me and my friend RP all the time, but sometimes based off books and movies, sometimes off of manga/anime books and manga/anime movies. Any of you like to do that? If you do, what was your favorite character you ever RPed for? And based off what show or movie?
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    Saki-Bear +1
    XD I wanted to do that once, but my friend mostly disagrees with my ideas, because their too bookish for her tastes. She likes to do whatever she likes for them... so I usually have to go with what she says, so I tend to lie and go with whatever she says. I get pretty sick of it, but shes my friend... so I must respect her wishes. x3
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    Potato-chan +1
    I like to RP Hetalia. xD I'M THE HERO~
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    Ebel +1
    Ah, then you had better understanding of Role play then online communities ever will.
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    Well, I do RPs with my friends, and I tend to die in some of them. Me and my friends just go with the flow and don't disturb much, unless its needed to make the RP better for the fun of it.
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    When I was in high school about 6-7 years ago, I was an avid anime (made up) rper of characters. I learned though, that most RP sessions I had online have their own rules about how to get things done. Generally speaking though, my battle rp sessions ended badly for everyone had their own "rules" on battle. No one likes their character to die. When nothing but fight occurs during rps over expectations for battle, I moved on from pure roleplaying to Dungeons and Dragons and Anime RPG because rules
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