Posted 1/03/2014
There have been recent issues with connecting to the site. If for any reason the site is down be sure to check back shortly and it should be up.

At this time it does not appear to be a hardware issue as I'm able to connect to the site locally without any problems. However when connecting through the domain name or IP there appears to be periods of downtime. I'll continue to investigate this until I can find a solution. Let me know if you see any patterns.


Posted 1/03/2014
Rebooted the server. Hopefully this will fix the problem.

Posted 1/03/2014
Attempted to shut down another computer on the network that may of been causing an IP conflict. The server seems to responding a lot faster now. We'll have to wait and see.

Posted 1/04/2014
There still appears to be some issues. I've been able to track it down to issues with port 80 which is used for HTTP requests. I went ahead and forwarded port 8080 to the server as well. If it continues I'll try to force all port 80 connects to 8080. Uncertain as the reason why this is occurring but it could be an ISP issue.

Posted 1/05/2014
I believe to have tracked down the problem to the router. I'm in the process of obtaining a new router (which I've been planning on purchasing anyway). Until then I'll try to do some troubleshooting in order to keep the site up until a new router arrives.

Note: Switched the server to another port in the router. Hopefully this will keep it running for now. 
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