Posted 11/18/2013
Added 2 new user settings on the site.
  • Remember me option for social login.
  • Twitter blog promotion.
  • Custom promotional text for twitter blog promotions.
Twitter users now have the option to automatically post a promotional tweet to twitter. You can use the default or write your own custom promotional text. The blog link will follow the promotion text.

The default text is: "Check out my new blog post on! {subject}"

When writing your own promotion text you can choose to include the subject by including {subject}. Because tweets can only be 140 characters there are some restrictions to prevent potential issues when tweeting.
  • Promotional text can only be up to 60 characters.
  • If {subject} is included the tweet can go up to 90 characters total. If over 90 characters the subject will be trimmed.
  • The remaining 50 characters are reserved by twitter for the URL which is trimmed.
By including a shorter promotional text it's more likely that your entire subject will be included. For best results you can simply make your promotional text "{subject}". This will make sure that your subject is almost always visible.

At this time you cannot customize a tweet before posting your blog but this feature is expected in the future. Hopefully sometime in early 2014 if things go to plan.

With these features added I have finished twitter integration. If there are other areas of the site you want to connect to twitter be sure to let me know. Unlike many other sites I only plan to include it where it enhances the user experience and not as a tool to spam social networks. Because of this all social networking features are opt-in and will not interfere in anyway with normal site use.

Other Update Notes:
  • A few bugs have been fixed on account settings.
  • Added a little clarification as to what a "gobi" is.
  • Fixed up code in account settings a little.
  • Added code to prevent double posting of blogs as posting to twitter adds a second or two to posting.
Enjoy the new features!
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