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22:12 WestNyo|Stuffz i wrote a review a few weeks back but never posted it. never get around to editting it.
22:13 Kenji: haha
22:13 Kenji: Wanna email me it and I can proof read it for you?
22:13 Kenji: And email it back with any corrections I made?
22:13 WestNyo|Stuffz: nah
22:13 Kenji nods.
22:13 WestNyo|Stuffz: i'll get to it in good time
22:13 Kenji: Review for what, though?
22:13 Kenji: A yaoi fanfic?
22:13 WestNyo|Stuffz: editting involves rewriting most of it like normal
22:13 Kenji: True.
22:13 WestNyo|Stuffz: yes yaoi fanfic

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Late night convos in IRC

23:11 *** TheAwsome joined #otakuelite

23:12 TheAwsome: Hello

23:12 Kenji|News: Yo, Awsome.

23:12 Kenji|News: My bad. I'm just having a hard time keeping up with all the threads while writing this, haha.

23:13 TheAwsome: Yeah it is busy

23:13 Kenji|News: lol

23:13 Kenji|News: But that's great!~

23:14 TheAwsome: Indeed

23:14 Kenji|News: Your posts and a combination of our replies at least keep traffic up.

23:14 Kenji|News: Then other people might chime in

23:14 Kenji|News: Though our posts get pretty deep, haha.

23:14 TheAwsome: Yeah it's awsome

23:15 TheAwsome: Now I know what voyerism is...

23:15 Kenji|News: hahahaha


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